Friday, 17 January 2014


So I decided to just get it over with and get out my own scale. Resetting all my numbers.

I gained the same amount I thought I did... but my scale I can just weigh ONCE and not have to keep readjusting it. My mom's doesn't zero out properly and it's 5 lbs lighter....

So my SW is officially 115.75 lbs. Makes sense. My lowest weight was 105... But more comfortable around 106. So about 10 lbs.

I haven't gained since yesterday (I weighed on my mom's scale first this morning...109.5 :\) and I DID have a a super salty dinner yesterday. Vietnamese. Shrimp in a salty spicy sauce with LOTS of lettuce and cucumber and bean sprout salad. So lots of fiber too. Might just be retaining. I hope?...

That boy came down yesterday. That's why we went out to dinner. We baked cheesecake brownies. And talked. It was fun!.... but I still don't think I like him THAT way. More as a friend. But nothing more. I didn't eat ANY of the brownies. Sent them all home with him. :)

I hope I have a drop soon. I haven't had one yet... My goal today is going to be less than 1000 cals. I haven't eaten anything yet... I probably should get some breakfast. I'll adjust my goal weights and then go do it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday. Happy weekend :)




  1. >:l i swear when i have time, i will leave a proper comment. but happy friday, space ace!

    and ugh, scales and their accuracy vs precision... they suck like that. bleah.

    smile! <3 take care xx

  2. oh god i swear I wish i had your sense of control! I would totally have devoured all of the brownies lolol. That sounds like so much fun though! baking with a boy teehee ^_^

    don't worry too much about the long as you know you ate right it will adjust itself soon:) Have a wonderful weekend love! <3