Friday, 31 January 2014


Uhm. I'm so bored. I am so sick of babysitting. The girl is sick so all she is doing is watching movies... Which is fine, but I'm bored and lonely and just want to go home. Using the time to study though.... 

Yesterday I went back up to 114.5 (????) and today I'm down to 113.75. Sigh. It's so annoying when there is so little progress and you are fighting for every quarter of a pound. Looks like there's gunna be no splurge meal this week. 

I also did something stupid. I got Wendy's for lunch. I usually just get a chili salad and pick off the cheese and not use the dressing. I got this great idea today that I would get a half size apple pecan chicken and a small chili to be even more calorie conscious.... I picked off the blue cheese they drowned it in (gross) and used just a few drizzles of vinegarette. But being the genius I am I ate the whole packet of toasty pecans. So the whole meal came out to 466 cals. Disgusting. Can't even believe it. My breakfast was around 200-250 today (Greek yogurt and fruit). So I'm already clocking in at 716. Sigh. Not much wiggle room for the rest of the night. Oh well. At least I ate early. My plan is to hopefully go to bed STARVING tonight and see if that whittles down the number any. I just want to get this weight off. 

 All signed up at the gym and I went super early yesterday. It's right by my house ad work so it's really convenient. 

I can't wait to start work. I'm so bored sitting around the house. Board certification exams round one are next week.... Hopefully I can make a dent in this weight by then so I will be not so stressed about eating those two days. I cant afford to be fuzzy or lightheaded from restricting. I paid too much money to flunk these cuz I wouldn't just get over it and have a bowl of oatmeal. 

Can't believe it's February already! I would love to be under 110 by March. 



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