Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Back from the dead(?)

Hey lovelies.

Life has been a whirlwind. I didn't forget about this blog but it was brought back to the front of my remembrance when I got a notification in my email about a comment being posted.

I'm sorry for the absence. Here's a sliver of life....

Got a job
Worked at said job
Liked job
Felt unfulfilled and lonely
Decided I wanted to move
Applied to school
Quit job
Left the country
Started a new life

And now I'm here finishing my first year of an undergrad with a 4.0 going for my B.Sc. and hopefully going to medical school.


I didn't bring my scale with me when I came down here. At first I was melting down. Then I went home for a holiday... and I had lost 5 lbs. Went back at Christmas. Same weight. So my new happy place is 108... And I eat carbs. Which is bizarre. But I'm paying out the nose for tuition so I figure if I need brain food on midterm and finals days then so be it. I just really am focussing on eating food that is metabolism boosting and whole. Keeping it fresh, whole grain, high protein.

I'm running more. And longer. It keeps me sane. Eating a lot more fats lately because my skin is extremely dry... my feet are just shredded and bleeding. I don't think all the running helps that but I can't stop.

Still no period........ :\ I have mixed feelings about that one.

I'm meeting a lot of people. Going on lots of dates... some wonderful, some not so much! Haven't fallen in love yet ;)

At times I'm scared but overall I'm happy. I'm happy I don't weigh myself everyday. I'm happy I don't measure my food. I'm happy I seem to have found a way to balance myself. I'm happy I'm in a new place and can be myself.

I'm happy I'm away from my family. As much as I love and miss them.... I need to be away. I need space. I need to be independent and run my own life.

I have a date with this boy we will call O. O and I dated a bit before the Thanksgiving break and then things got weird. He started seeing someone else and didn't really tell me. Which was FINE because we weren't exclusive but it hurt just the same. Anyway. I cut him off and did my thing and we slowly got to be friends again. LOOKING story short.... he was like "let's do dinner" at my party on Sunday. I was kinda worried that it was like a friendsy-appointment dinner(does that make sense??) but then last night he texted me and asked if I had seen Cinderella. I had, but I told him I'd go again. So dinner and a movie. So..... classic date.

I've been on so many dates lately I never really get nervous but guys.... I'm nervous. I don't even know what will happen. Stay tuned.



PS: Thanks to Shelby and missinsanity for the lovely thoughts. You kinda brought me back to life <3