Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Just a quick check in.

I was 113.25 before the weekend... but I've creeped back up to 113.5. I've been there for two days so hopefully today I can take a chunk out of that.

I'm housesitting starting today until Monday night. It shouldn't be too bad... They are both in school so I will have mornings to myself (namely to go home and study).. and my brother has a bunch of basketball games we can go to most nights.

So yay! Hopefully I get paid a decent amount. The mom stocked the fridge with tons of frozen crap food the kids always get when they get when the parents go away (taquitos, pizza pops, french fries...). She left me money on the counter to go buy whatever I wanted (SWEET) so I'll definitely be doing that....

My little twin nephews are coming over soon. Joy unbounded. They will probably be here all day. I better go get some breakfast or something.

Hope you are all having great weeks <3




  1. Mmm.. Frozen french fries are my weakness... Well, one of them. That's really cool, housesitting. I would be scared to do it, I hate other people's houses. They make me so uncomfortable. Have fun with your nephews! Kids are the greatest.

  2. 113.25, 113.5, it's still a loss in the big picture, comparing from a week or two ago. Try not to let a quarter-pound get you down, I know it can be frustrating but you're fabulous and such a tiny amount can be put down to differences in fluid intake, BMs, whatever. Enjoy your house sitting, it sounds like it should be good.