Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Kind of REALLY frustrated.

So I was 115.25 for like 4 days so I thought... ok. Day 5. This will be my big drop. I'll dip into the 114's. HA no. I was 115.75 this morning. I haven't eaten more than 900 cals for days.

Weight loss is supposed to be simple math right? Calories in, calories out. My BMR alone should more than take care of 900 cals. Well what the hell. I've worked out once if not twice every day and kept my calories down. I've drank water, not eaten late, and not eaten junk. I've been watching my meat intake and have done a bunch of vegetarian meals. Hardly ANY carbs... mostly in the form of fruit.

Hope you all have a more encouraging morning than mine.




  1. Plateaus suck. Sometimes the math just doesn't add up. Don't get discouraged, it will pass and the scales will start moving again, just give it time.

  2. That sucks big time :( Still so amazing that you can eat so few calls that many days in a row! I'm oulling for you <3