Monday, 13 January 2014


It's Monday. It's a new week. I'm 108.75. Worked out. Made the brother a great breakfast and sent him off to his diploma exam. I get the house to myself today. The sister is gone.

Can't complain about that :)

She's gone. I lived. WOW. I can't believe it. I got straight up uninvited to the trip down to the airport/overnight hotel stay with them... She was working on her wedding thank you's while she was here... She wrote one for me. But left it on the kitchen table. Didn't even give it to me. The card said.... "Thank you for the beautiful baking gift! We can't wait to use them!" How about: Thanks for being my Maid of Honour because I have no friends. Thanks for doing the toast to the bride since no one else I asked would do it. Thanks for making me seem like a decent human being with some redeeming qualities. Thanks for all the help setting up my wedding, going to my appointments, working on table placements and making all the decisions I should have been making myself. Thanks for doing all the cleaning and the cooking and shopping I should have had an equal hand in. Thanks for running errands because I clearly can't do anything myself (seeing as I don't have a driver's license). Thanks for not being as awful to me as I have been to you and the rest of our family.

Rant: over.

The weight is probably MOOOOOSTLY water weight. But who cares. It's going down. Now I think the hard part is gunna happen. Where I actually have to lose FAT. Not WATER.

I think the best is gunna be to have my biggest meal be lunch. And my smallest be dinner. Medium breakfasts, tiny snacks. Clean foods. Lots of water and tea and caffeine.

Breakfast today was a beautiful fruit salad. Cantaloup, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. I might have some yogurt in a bit. I've discovered the most amazing dessert/snack ever. Greek yogurt + cocoa powder + peanut flour + splenda or stevia. Stir stir stir. Pop it in the freezer for as long as you can stand not eating it. A VERY high protein, VERY low fat and creamy delicious sweet treat. It's so good I could hardly stand it when I tried it. Try it. Your life will be changed.

.... I just made myself some.  Didn't even put it in the freezer. So friggin good. Note to self: work on self control.

What are everyone's feelings on greek yogurt?... it's like a staple in my food these days. I eat it all the freakin time. 0% plain of course. But holy is it ever good. What are everyone's safe foods? Fear foods? Has it changed before?... I think I'll make a new tab. It'd be nice to have a list on here.

Hope everyone's Monday is a good omen for this week. Love you beauties.



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  1. my monday was totally a good omen for this week. my interview went so amazingly <3 and your sister's gone, so your monday is a good omen for this week too! i can't believe you did all that for her wedding and she didn't even have the decency to give you the card herself. that's not okay. you should send her a bill :) muahaha...

    your breakfast sounds delicious. (fruit salad, yummy yummy~) everyone's raving about greek yogurt, and i can't have any because i'm vegan. but i can live with that. i'll try it with soy yogurt sometime and see how it works out. (dunno if it'll work at all, though.) my safe foods are nerds (or most kinds of candy) and grapes/berries/etc (watery fruits). but like, "real people food," as the adults i know would say, is scary to me.

    by the way, watching the rugrats movie sounds awesome. yay, reptar! haha, happy monday right back, ace xx