Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mondays Come Early


Probably will be a bit higher tomorrow morning though.

It's getting snowy outside... going to buy Yaktrax for my runners tomorrow so I avoid slipping and dying on the ice.

Wrote 5 finals this week... 5 this week. Then my semester is over and I'll be back to practicum before ya know it.

Things with the boy I like... are good(?) The girlfriend is definitely the EX. Whenever I see him we have a great time talking and stuff. When we saw him at Halloween my friends said he kept staring at me when we weren't with him.

I think he's just slow on the uptake. He's not dating anyone else... I only ever see him with his roommates. So here's hoping that continues to go ok.

Better go, more later babes.




Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I was 108.25 this morning.

On Sunday I hung out with that boy I've been wanting to :) The roommate of Cockblock. He invited me over and we watched a movie but just ended up talking the whole time.

He is broken up with his girlfriend. (Told me himself. Said how it was interesting being on a volleyball team with the exgirlfriend.)

We've just been casually txting back and fourth for the last couple days. Hopefully we get together again soon.

School's been busy, keeping me away from my books and this blog. I have two tests tomorrow that I need to finish preparing for... but I just wanted to share that bit of news. I hope that this keeps going the way that it is...

... he's really cool :) I want to get to know him better.




Friend of Ana: Thanks for the love girl. I've missed you <3