Thursday, 6 February 2014

GW 2: reached.

I actually got to gw 2 a day or so ago... Yay me! 111.75 today. My thighs don't touch anymore... Thank goodness. Since gaining back some weight they were touching at the top when I put my feet together... It was driving me insane. Sooooo uncomfortable. So yay for thigh gap :) they are still not as straight as I want yet but hopefully in a few more pounds they will be.

So that puts me a little less than 6 pounds from my lowest sustained weight (106).. I hope when I get there it's enough. Something tells me it won't be. It's not too hard to maintain 106. Any lower and yep. It sucks. But maybe with some of the dietary changes I've made it will be easier than before. I'd like my bmi to be an even 17.0 which is 105.5 lbs for my height. I'll just keep going doing what I'm doing and see when I start to plateau. What I'd actually love is..... Double digits. But I don't know if I have the control to get there. It's fun to think about though.

Yesterday I went up north to write two of my board certification exams. I'm writing American and Canadian ones so that clocks me in at 10 highly stressful exams. I passed the two yesterday just fine... 8 to go! We leave today for the weekend. We are staying in a really nice hotel and are gunna make a weekend out of it :) 

I write one exam tomorrow morning and 5 on Saturday (eeeek!!!) I think the best idea is to just do little snacks to keep my brain working that day. 

Breakfast: 110 cals of oatmeal with sweetener.
Snack: 0% Greek yogurt (80)
Lunch: small whole wheat pita stuffed with veggies and lean meat (250)
Snack: Apple (80)
LOTS of caffeine. And water.

So that puts me at 520 at 5 pm. Then we will probably get some supper or go to a movie. I can easily get away with eating around 250-300 no matter where we go. I feel like 1000 cals a day isn't a lot until I surf around on the internet and find all the pro Ana forums with girls eating like what I eat for breakfast in a whole day!!... Fatty central over here. Sheesh.

Also on the checklist: I want to go to the Harry Potter exhibit again!! I've been once but I'm dying to go back. I also need to go to the sugar free store and get some more peanut flour... I swear I live off that stuff. And some sugar free flavored syrup. 

I need to drop off my grad fee and gown rental too. Convocation is in May and I'm really excited :)

Joined the gym. Man am I ever weak. I have this problem where I will lift weights till my arms are too tired to physically do any more... But the next day I'm not very sore. I do lots of different machines so variation isn't an issue. I worry that it means I'm not building muscle... I'll have to research it more and report back. 

Anyway. I better get packed up. We are aupposed to leave after lunchtime today. I should have been studying instead of writing this... But it's been a whole since I've posted anything worth reading at all. Not that this is ├╝ber exciting or anything but hey what can you do.

Things I still need to write about: creepy fb texty boy, measurements, Hawaii thoughts, what I'm reading. 



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  1. Congrats on hitting gw2! You're so close to 106. I know it's hard to stop, especially when there's constantly a lower goal lurking in the back of your mind, but I hope you can stop at a sustainable weight to avoid yo-yoing.

    Your meal plan sounds great. I'm dying to have oatmeal again once the weather cools down, it's been months! The ED side of the internet can suck like that and there'll always be triggers, but 1,000 calories really isn't a lot. 1,000 a day is something you can do for much longer than 100. Again, the keyword is sustainability.

    There's a sugar-free store?! I want one. Syrups are the best. I have SF maple, chocolate and caramel syrup. They're amazing, I love the chocolate one with fresh strawberries.

    Good luck with the rest your exams. I'm sure you'll ace them (no pun intended :P)